Social Responsibility

Committed to helping the community

UHY Haines Norton Sydney is committed to the continual improvement of the environmental performance of the firm. We have a community spirit and have implemented an environmental policy with the aim of minimising the impact of our operations on the natural environment.

Environmental Policy

Our environmental policy has three focus areas to ensure minimal impact on the environment and maximum benefit to the community

Modernisation of work practices & communications

We are moving toward a paperless office, which involves the restructuring of the audit divisions processes to a computer based system. Including; computer based auditing software and electronic lodgement of all documents. The use of a client portal will aid in the passing of large documents electronically, and reduce paper use within the organisation and by our clients. 

Planning for a sustainable future

Sustainability issues are considered in the decision making and planning of all operational initiatives. We seek opinions, feedback and participation from staff on environmental risks within the firm, and ensure all policies comply with local, state and federal environmental legislation. The resources and information necessary to meet the requirements of the environmental policy are readily available to all staff.

Promote environmental awareness

Our environmental sustainability program is promoted to all staff, with further development provided through courses, programs and research projects to encourage awareness and adoption of environmentally friendly activities. We also promote external awareness by supporting projects that seek solutions to environmental problems, and work toward a sustainable future for the global environment.

Waste reduction and recycling policy

UHY Haines Norton recognises that waste reduction and recycling practices play an important role in our ability to meet environmental goals. 

Our paper recycling program encourages double sided printing of all documents, available recycling bins at all printing stations, the responsible recycling of all toner cartridges and the secure management of all confidential material through shredding and pulping for recycling. Staff kitchens are equipped with general purpose recycling bins.

Community Support

At UHY Haines Norton, we believe in giving back to the community. Each month we select a different charity to raise money and awareness for. Charities we have recently supported include:

  • Beyond Blue
  • Sydney Children’s Hospital
  • Cancer Council
  • Pink Ribbon
  • Heart Research Foundation
  • Salvation Army
  • Oxfam
  • Australian Diabetes Council
  • MS Australia
  • Starlight Children’s Foundation Australia