Working at UHYHN

What do you want in your career?

At UHY Haines Norton our employees work with us, not for us. Your personal and professional goals are just as important to us as our company objectives. We offer a friendly and flexible workplace that encourages passion, and offers the necessary resources and opportunities to be successful in your career aspirations.

I want to be a leader

Some people are born leaders and others strive to develop themselves as leaders. Regardless of where you start, we offer training, development and opportunities for you to show leadership.

We provide in house training and the opportunity to attend external training, seminars, conferences and business functions to further expand your knowledge and resources.

I want to travel

As part of an international network of member firms, you are exposed to a global network of opportunity. Your contributions will be recognised and celebrated on a national and international scale, with opportunities for interstate and global travel for client meetings, training and development, or conferences.

I want stability

If stability is what you seek, stability is what you get. Most of our employees stay with us long term because of our commitment to staff development, and our friendly and flexible work environment.

I want a challenge

Whether your challenge is stepping onto a new career path, or looking to take on a more complex role, we have opportunities for you! We like to see our staff grow and thrive in their new roles; often the roles offered are hybrid giving you the opportunity to expand into new specialties or industries. Initiative and drive are encouraged; we are always ready to listen to new ideas or service offerings to which you could head.